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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Published at 50 - Interview with Author Tory Richards

Hello Fellow Writers!
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I spent last night working as a nurse, which wouldn't have been too bad except for this gosh-darn cold I managed to get. Today it's snowing and we're expecting a storm, so I'll have all day to hole up and read and write. Ahh, heaven. :)

I've finished my first round of revisions on two WIPs and sent them to a beta reader. I also have some beta-reading to do. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I wonder if I'll ever end up as an editor. Hmm, possibilities abound.
Today we are fortunate to have an author interview from a woman who first got published at the age of fifty and continues her full-time day job while writing books for several different publishers, including my publisher Ellora's Cave.
Please welcome multi-published Ellora's Cave author Tory Richards to The Writer's Challenge.
Shoshanna: How long have you been writing? 
Tory Richards: Since about the age of ten but I really got serious when I received my first typewriter at thirteen. 

Shoshanna: When did you first get published?
 Tory Richards: The year was 2006, right before I turned 50. You see, before that writing was just a hobby for me, and I would go for years without writing a word. Life has a habit of getting in the way ;)

Shoshanna: Did you get rejection letters before that?
Tory Richards: Of course! I still receive rejections. Everyone is looking for something different.The key is not to let rejection get you down to where you give up. Believe in yourself and someone else will, too!

Shoshanna: Do you have a literary agent? Are you looking for one?
Tory Richards: Nope. Writing is a hobby for me. If I were looking to get into the big New York houses I might try to find one, but at this time I'm not that ambitious. That's not to say that if one approached me first, I wouldn't be flattered and have a change of heart.
Tory Richards
Author of sizzling romances!


  1. Thanks for the invite to be here today. And, after reading your bio above, when do YOU ever find the time to write? LOL I thought I had a full plate.

  2. I mainly write when my son is sleeping or otherwise occupied, lol!


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