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What is The Writer's Challenge?

The Writer's Challenge is simple, but not easy.

Here is The Writer's Challenge:  

Write 1000 words a day - that's about 4 manuscript pages - every day, come hell or high water, until your novel is written. 

Then get an agent. 

Then get it published. 

If you write 1000 words a day, that's 365,000 words a year. Even if you skipped over two months in days, you'd still have written 300,000 words! That's like three 100K novels!

If you write one full length novel to sub to an agent, let's say it's about 80 or 90K, and then write some novellas for e-publishers, you can write about six or seven 25K+ novellas in addition to your full length book.

1000 words a day! That's too much. I'm busy.

Okay, then write 500 words a day. You'll still be able to write a book this year and some novellas. Or two full length novels.

Do you really do this? Really?

It takes me about an hour or so to write 1000 words. I write every evening after I put my son to bed, around 8:30pm. If I have a lot of edits to do, I skip writing on my new WIP to do those edits. To see my current and upcoming books, please visit www.ShoshannaEvers.com.

Good luck to you!