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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rejections made me a Better Writer: New Author Eliza Lloyd

Hello Fellow Writers!

Can you believe we have only 2 more days till NaNoWriMo? One of my friends told me that as far as she's concerned, there's no such thing as the month of November anymore. We just call it NaNo! I'll be writing an erotic romance set in post-apocalyptic New York City. I intend to write 80K instead of the usual 50K, so I'm already freaking out a bit more than I should be, perhaps. But that's all part of the fun.

You can follow my progress by following me on the NaNoWriMo site. My user name is ShanaWriMo.

In other news, I signed my contract for the Berkley Heat anthology, called Agony/Ecstasy. WOOT! So it's official. It's a friggin' dream come true :)

Now - for those of you out there who are still "pre-published authors" - I have found a very inspirational story for you. Eliza Lloyd just had her very first book ever published by Ellora's Cave. She stopped by The Writer's Challenge today so I could ask her about how she went from aspiring writer to published author!

Shoshanna: Hi Eliza! Congrats on your first book! Tell us about how long it took you to get to this point. I wanna hear about rejection letters too, the bane of the writer's existence.
Eliza: I’ve been writing for several years (please don’t make me say how long) using the two-steps forward, one-step back method. I’d finish a book only to realize there were glaring plot holes. I’d go on to the next one, finish it, and find out I’d egregiously head-hopped. So yes, I got rejections, but the mistakes along the way have only helped me become a better writer.
As for a specific rejection, I must tell your audience that Ellora’s Cave rejected this very work perviously (Wicked Desires) but then, a new line came open and it was a perfect fit! So, no matter how many rejections and no matter who they are from, one must keep writing, polishing and submitting.

Shoshanna: When did you start writing? Do you write other stuff other than erotic romance?
Eliza: When I thought about my dream job, the two things that always came to mind were being an author or being a 19th century archeologist. While I always knew the one was impossible, I woke up one day and asked myself, why are you not writing? So I did. And I am!
Yes, I do write several genres. I have several short stories published in contemporary romance and science fiction. Plus, I like writing romantic suspense and contemporary, both of which are a great relief after writing a research-heavy historical. Historical romance is my true love though, and even my erotica is historical.

Shoshanna: What do you love to read? How important is it for a writer to be an avid reader, do you think?
Eliza: One must read to write! I’ve heard of writers who ‘hate’ to read books from the genre they write in but not me! I can’t get enough of historical romance. I read them all the time and hope to emulate some of the great historical writers…some day. And as a secondary read, provided it is a total distraction with lots of sizzling, sexy vamps, would be a hot paranormal. 

To read the blurb for Wicked Desires, click here.

To read the excerpt (for adults only!) click here
To purchase Wicked Desires on the Ellora's Cave site, click here.


  1. Interesting interview, ladies. Nice insights, Eliza. Your cover is gorgeous!

  2. Shoshanna, by God and all that is good and holy, I implore you... PLEASE KEEP COMING UP WITH NANO CHEERS! :-) I will have to remember them somewhere around 15k or so.

    And, check out this awesome NaNo song on youtube.

  3. Eliza, Congrats on your first book. I guess every rejection is worth it if we end up better writers in the end.

  4. Eliza, You're right on when you say you keep submitting and revising. I learned that early in my career. Wishing you many sales.

  5. Thanks for stopping by guys! A cheer: I-love (Clap Clap) Na-No (Clap Clap) I love Nano.(clap clap!)WRIMO!

  6. Thank you, ladies. Good luck with NanoWrimo!! I am not so brave! :):)

  7. Nice interview. Congrats on the book, Eliza. Good luck with NaNo, Shoshanna!

  8. There's nothing better than a success story. Congrats Eliza.


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