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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Write, Damn it!

Hello Fellow Writers!

I've been so busy with my day job lately that I haven't really been writing much. Certainly not meeting my 1000 words a day goal. Basically I switched from one part time nursing job to another, and the new place is making me orient during the week - so I've had to deal with finding childcare and coming home exhausted, with only about an hour of time to spend with my son before it's his bedtime.

Now I know why writing full time doesn't really mix with working full time and taking care of a family. We've eaten take-out every night this week! Fortunately, I'll be back to my usual every other weekend nursing schedule at some point (hopefully after I get back from Romanticon 2010).

But guess what happened at work? In two different conversations, I was asked what I do when I'm not working as a nurse. I didn't want to say I write erotic romance (I'm in the closet so to speak at work) but I did mention that I write an advice column. Both times, they said "Oh, that's you? I read your column every week!". It was really cool. Made me feel slightly famous, lol.

I've decided I'm going to try and write 80,000 words during NaNoWriMo instead of the usual 50K, that way I can write my entire first draft of Protecting Emily, my post-apocalyptic romance novel. That's the plan, anyway. Or maybe I'm just procrastinating starting the darn thing. If you haven't participated in NaNoWriMo before, I urge you to join us this November. It's tons of fun, writing a whole book in a month!

I also was contacted by a company who heard I was a writer and they want me to write a press release for them. I'm debating whether or not to do it...

And I want to write another short story - a threesome - for an anthology. So that might happen soon. I just need to put my hands on the keyboard and go for it. 

Wish me luck, and good luck to you too!


  1. Absoluetely love your drive and dedication. You are certainly building a name for yourself and that should give you the confirmation needed to know you are doing a great job. Cheers! (I am drinking lots of wine and having pizza so I understand the take out problem.) Good luck!!!

  2. Good luck with the new job and with getting back to the writing schedule. I could never commit to any amount of time in one of those writing marathons. This doesn't work for a draft writer who starts out with a very low word count. I've blocked an entire novel that ended up around 80,000 words in 10.000 words/

  3. thanks Janet! I did NaNoWriMo last year and met a ton of new writing friends, so we're all doing it together again this year.

  4. Very exciting times for you Shoshanna! Can't wait to hear about Romanticon.

  5. Good Luck doing NaNoWriMo - I may try it. I can relate to the just write. Love the cartoon! Good luck getting into the swing and fans - are always a good thing!

  6. Definitely do NaNoWriMo, it's *so* much fun!

  7. Good luck in getting more writing done, love.

    I keep meaning to try NaNo but always forget. I do a forehead slap every year when I see posts everywhere that people have started writing for it.



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