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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taking a Writing Class

Hello Fellow Writers!

Last night I went to the first night of my Advanced Writing Workshop. That's a pic of the teacher, Vincent Dacquino. And yes, he's a published author - or I wouldn't be taking the class, honestly. No sense in the blind leading the blind! He wrote a children's fiction novel, "Kiss the Candy Days Good-bye", a Dell/Yearling paperback, an adult biography called "Sybil Ludington: The Call to Arms", and then a kid's version of that book for classrooms. Vinnie also has a book called "Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley: An Investigative Journey".

One thing I'm totally psyched about is the class is just three other women, me, and the teacher. And get this - one of the women, Maureen, loves romance novels too! I practically squealed with excitement when I pulled the Silhouette Desire book that I'm reading out of my bag and she pulled not one, but two Harlequin Presents books out of hers! It will be much easier for me to put my novel "Marrying a Movie Star" out there knowing that there is at least one person in the class who reads romance as much as I do. The other women, Patricia and Jennifer, are writing non-fiction I believe, so that should be interesting. I think it's a good sign that Patricia took the class before with Vinnie and liked it enough to take it again. Sounds promising...

Yesterday was a busy day, and I didn't get to sit down to write until about 9:45pm. I came thisclose to saying forget it, I'll write tomorrow, but if I do that then my work in progress, "Snowed in with a Millionaire", will never get done. Vinnie says: Writers write, talkers talk. Amen.

Today my goal is to take my novel "Marrying a Movie Star" and find the perfect place for a romantic love scene. I was originally planning on making it a "tender" romance, with no sex, but now I'm feeling that it wouldn't be fair to my hero and heroine to deny them the physical relationship they crave! Who am I to tell them no?

I also want to read a bit more of the Silhoutte Desire book I just picked up, "In the Tycoon's Debt" by Emily McKay. I love me some inspiration :)

Wish me luck, and good luck to you too!
Yours Truly,
Shoshanna Evers

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