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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Silhouette Desire

Hello Fellow Writers!

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, so with going to synagogue, fasting, and dealing with a nasty cold (which is still kicking my butt today), I didn't get any writing done other than on this blog.

Right now I am reading a Silhouette Desire book called "The Billionaire's Fake Engagement" by Robyn Grady. So far so good!

I would love to write for the Silhouette Desire line. I'm putting the publisher's tip sheet about what they're looking for here for your convenience, but if you want more info about other lines check out their site at eHarlequin.com.

Length: 50,000–55,000 words
Senior Editor: Krista Stroever
Associate Editor: Diana Ventimiglia
Editorial Assistant: Shana Smith
Editorial Office: New York, U.S.A.
A powerful, passionate and provocative read…guaranteed!
At 55,000 words, Silhouette Desire books are filled to the brim with strong, intense storylines. These sensual love stories immediately involve the reader in the romantic conflict and the quest for a happily-ever-after resolution. The novels should be fast-paced reads, and present the hero and heroine's conflict by the end of chapter one in order for the reader to understand what obstacles will impact the characters for the remainder of the novel.
The Desire hero should be powerful, wealthy — an alpha male with a sense of arrogance and entitlement. While he may be harsh and direct, he is never physically cruel. He is capable of being saved and it's up to the heroine to get him there. The Texan hero should own the ranch, not work on it, and the urban hero should be the company CEO, not a handyman.
The Desire heroine is complex and flawed. She is strong-willed and smart though capable of making terrible mistakes when it comes to matters of the heart. This is primarily her story so much of the book should be from her point-of-view. There is room for the hero's perspective as long as his thoughts are centered on the heroine and their conflict. Instead of dividing the novel equally between both protagonists' points-of-view, Desires should be more 60% heroine and 40% hero.
The conflict should be dramatic with such classic plot lines as revenge, secret pregnancies, marriages of convenience and reunion romances. Plots which focus on suspense, paranormal or character-driven concerns are best directed elsewhere. The story can be set anywhere in the world, but the tone should be true to the author's voice.
Desire novels are sensual reads and a love scene or scenes are still needed. But there is no set number of pages that needs to be fulfilled. Rather, the level of sensuality must be appropriate to the storyline. Above all, every Silhouette Desire novel must fulfill the promise of a powerful, passionate and provocative read.
There you have it! Today I will be working on fighting this stupid cold along with plotting "Snowed in With a Millionaire." Wish me luck and good luck to you too!

Yours Truly,
Shoshanna Evers

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