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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day Surprise Comedy Release! And GIVEAWAY!

Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends!

Releases TODAY for April Fools Day! (for real though)

"My favourite read in March was Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends! Written by Shoshanna Evers, Charlotte SteinAudra North, and others under assumed names, this anthology was so funny I may have temporarily lost bladder control. The perfect April Fool's Day read."
~  Rhyll Biest, Heroes & Heartbreakers

 Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot by Jezebel Lixxx 

  •  “When award-winning and New York Times bestselling romance authors get together to try their hand at dinosaur erotica, things get a bit crazy. Crazy HOT!”
    New York TimesUSA Today bestselling author Shoshanna Evers (Bunking with the Cowboys Series) 
  •  “Is this an April Fool’s Day joke?”
    New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Andrew Shaffer (How to Survive a Sharknado) 
  • “Who says satire can’t be sexy, #amirite?” ~ people on Twitter 
  • “#Dinoporn is totally a thing. #help”~ other people on Twitter 

  Includes the following short stories for readers with a sense of (ahem) adventure.
*Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures*, that is!

T-Rex Wants Bigfoot’s Gay Billionaire Boyfriend by (a NY Times & USA Today bestselling romance author hiding behind the pen name) Jezebel Lixxx

Captive in the Raptor’s Dungeon by (a NY Times & USA Today bestselling humor author pretending to be) Nikolas Sparx

Raptor Gang Bang by (a critically acclaimed multipublished romance author, writing as) Foofla La Pluge

The Billionaire Playboy Superhero Raptor’s Unexpected Lover by (an award-winning romance author whose books you see on store shelves, writing as) Arabella Snark

Oviraptor, My Love by (a five-star mainstream romance author, writing as) Crystal Lattis

Available for a Limited Time at Amazon, Amazon UK, B&N, Kobo


Starts April Fools Day & goes all month, with options to do each day to earn points!
There will be SIX Winners!! PRIZES INCLUDE:
TWO Winners will get Amazon or B&N Giftcards! GRAND PRIZE is $50, 2nd place is $25!AmazonGC image 1 Winner will get a "Velociraptor Tooth" Necklace from Nikolas Sparx!AndrewToothNecklace
1 Winner will get all the ebooks in Audra North's Stanton Family series!AudraNorth_Stantonprize
1 Winner will get Delphine Dryden's Love with a Chance of Zombies ebook!LoveWithaChanceofZombiesSmall 1 Winner will get ebook of Enslaved, Bk 1 Enslaved Trilogy from Shoshanna Evers!Enslaved_200x300

Wait a minute… who is Jezebel Lixxx?

Jezebel Lixxx is the secret pen name for New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Shoshanna Evers (shhhh don’t tell). Jezebel write crazy-pants erotica, and really doesn’t care if her characters get a happily ever after, as long as they get each other off! She lives in a padded cell in the far corner of Shoshanna’s imagination, where she only comes out if she smells salted chocolate. You can’t even follow her on social media… but sometimes she Tweets for her boss. Author Jezebel Lixxx
  Are you ready? 
FYI: The April Fools Day joke is that we’re writing this silly book under silly pen names – it’s not that the book doesn’t actually exist.
Yes it’s a real book. It’s happening, y’all!

Wait!! Tell me who the real authors are!

Okay. All but one, who insists on anonymity, even though I think you can figure it out.
I hope you enjoy this fun April Fools Day surprise! :D We had a blast brainstorming on Twitter and writing these stories for our readers!
Gay Dinosaur Billionaire: Amazon, Amazon UK, B&N, Kobo


  1. Gay Dinosaur Billionaire? I'm tracking this one down TODAY.

  2. These series of books have helped me deal with my own past issues with dinosaur bullying and discovering who I am as a person. Highly recommended! I bought it from this website


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