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Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 Ways Reading Romance Can Benefit Your Life

I've always known reading romance and erotica was good for me. Now I have proof. Because science!

Thank you to writer Kimberly Turner for this guest post!

 3 Ways Reading Romance Can Benefit Your Life

Even before Fifty Shades of Grey was on the scene, women were avid readers of romance. According to the International Business Times, some 75 million people (90 percent of them women) in the United States read at least one romance novel in 2008, though most are long-time dedicated readers of the genre. And with the rising popularity of all things kink, being more open about your preference in literature is not only no longer taboo, it’s encouraged. This is made evident by Adam and Eve, who explain that erotic novels offer a slew of sex positive possibilities. Reading your favorite scenes from a steamy romance aloud to your partner is sure to get you both in the mood, benefiting your libido and overall sex life. But that’s not all romance novels have to offer. 

Here are 3 ways erotica can give your life a boost outside of the bedroom:

Improve Memory and Brain Function

It’s fairly well-known that reading offers plenty of intellectual perks. Cracking open a book regularly can enhance analytical thinking skills, improve your memory, and even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to ABC News. But it may come as a surprise that these benefits are not only gained by reading the classics; cognitive functions can get a boost from erotic romance, too. Take into consideration other areas the romance genre stimulates in addition to your brain, and reading suddenly becomes a total body experience. 

Improve Self-Confidence

Gone are the days of the damsel in distress. The majority of modern-day romance heroines are strong, sassy, and not afraid to express what they want, and then go out and get it. As Today notes, more contemporary romance novels are featuring fearless female leads in many forms. Their covers are showcasing that by having a woman alone on the cover or portraying her dominating a man. Not only does this role-reversal make for more dynamic plotlines, not to mention hotter sex scenes, it also helps boost the self-esteem of readers of the genre. 

Through portrayals of women that are more grounded in the reality of today’s world, readers can better relate to the heroine in the novel, placing themselves in her shoes. By vicariously experiencing a scenario though the female characters in the book, such as a breakup or marital issues, romance readers are able to successfully work through similar situations in their own lives. They can provide a new perspective and additional insight into what they really want. 

Improve Your Relationship

Although there’s no doubt your sex life will benefit from reading erotic romance, other areas of your relationship are likely to reap the rewards, too. The Guardian reported that researchers from the University of Buffalo found reading fiction can help you better empathize with others, including your honey. With increased empathy, you’ll be able to see your partner’s side of things, which can come in handy when faced with a disagreement or major life decision.

Romance novels are full of emotional moments, and regular exposure to heartfelt expressions, even when it’s between two characters in a book, can aid in recognition of that same affection in the real world. By being more receptive to this kind of emotional vulnerability, you’ll be more likely to communicate with your partner, not only in regards to sexual fantasies and desires, but about everyday occurrences. This will then strengthen your bond and overall connection, both in and out of the bedroom.


  1. In order to get myself ready to start writing romance novels, I've challenged myself to read a lot of titles. My goal is to read two or three a week. Reading is the reason why I wanted to write in the first place and I realize that I've become a terrible slacker. I haven't read nearly enough fiction lately. I'm looking forward for this genre to benefit my life!

    1. I love reading romance novels because they give me that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling of falling in love, and the happy ever afters are so satisfying! I've been reading a lot of romance back-to-back lately since I'm judging in the RWA RITA contest, and it's definitely a mood booster!


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