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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Make Audiobooks on ACX

I'm really thrilled with the process of making audiobooks independently (ie without a publisher) on ACX.com.

If you are an author who has retained your audio rights, like I did with The Enslaved Trilogy, or self-published (like The Dominatrix Fantasy Series), then you can make audiobooks too!

If you don't have money to pay a narrator upfront (which can be thousands of dollars), you can do a royalty split, where the profits are shared 50-50 with the narrator. That's what I did, because I wanted to put a lot of books into audio as fast as possible. I'm working with three different narrators, and we've got a busy schedule!

The narrator produces the audiobook from the ebook you send them. They upload it, etc.

The process on ACX is very straightforward - they walk you through it. The most time-consuming task, for me, is listening to the final audio and requesting changes as needed.

I found that the best way to find narrators is to search them out on the site, listen to their portfolio, then contact them directly. Unless you get a stipend from ACX (where they give the narrator money upfront), it's hard to get auditions. I was able to get stipends for The Enslaved Trilogy, and I got tons of auditions for that!

Make sure you put in your emails to narrators how you will market the audiobooks. I put my Twitter followers, Facebook fans, mailing list, etc.

It's worth it, though - this month's royalty check from ACX is 1/3 of my Amazon.com royalties for self-published books! That means I increased my monthly income by 33%, without writing a new book. I can't wait until I have all of my books made into audiobooks!

Best of all, I'm connecting with new readers, readers who love listening to audiobooks!

Here's the info on my current audiobooks. I've got lots more in the works! :) You can listen to 5 minute long samples for free by clicking the button for your retailer of choice! :)

Thank you for making ENSLAVED, Book 1 in the Enslaved Trilogy, an Audible Erotica Bestseller!

enslaved audiobook Shoshanna Evers Christine Padovan

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Now, ENAMORED, Book 2 in the Enslaved Trilogy is available in audiobook as well!

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  The Enslaved Trilogy is narrated by Best Audiobook of 2013 winner, Christine Padovan


The Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy is now in audiobook as well! You can get each individual novella for just $6.95, or The Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy Set for $14.95!
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The Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy is narrated by the sexy Scarlett Day!
You can click on the links to hear free samples that will be sure to get your heart racing... ;)

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Buy at Amazon Buy at AmazonUK Buy at iTunes Buy at Audible

Buy at Amazon Buy at AmazonUK Buy at iTunes Buy at Audible

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