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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New release from S&S: THE ESCAPE!

THE ESCAPE just came out! It's my fifth book with Simon & Schuster Pocket Star, and the second book in The Pulse Trilogy.

I also found an app called WordSwag, in which I was able to take quotes from my book and make them into word-art, like these:


Cool, right? :) Here's a blurb and links to THE ESCAPE.

The Escape, Book 2 in the Pulse Trilogy 

In Book Two of the erotic dystopian Pulse Trilogy, Jenna escapes New York City only to be tracked down by a soldier who might be her only hope of survival. Jenna doesn’t know if she believes what Emily and Mason told her—that America is rebuilding and a better life awaits her outside of Manhattan.

But with the power grid down and no connection to the outside world, Jenna will die if she stays at Grand Central’s FEMA camp, selling her body to soldiers. Private Ken Barker is sent to capture Jenna when she escapes—but Jenna knows he’s one of the good guys and tries to seduce him into joining her. Their passionate sex kindles something even stronger than lust between them, and when Barker goes back to Grand Central he sees the horrors there with new eyes.

Now it’s his turn to escape the city, and he knows he must take Jenna with him or she’ll die at the camp. On the road, they’ll start a new life together, hoping against hope that the electricity between them will prove more than just a spark—that together they might finally light up their dark nights.

THE ESCAPE, Book 2 in the Pulse Trilogy is available now on AmazonB&NiBooksAmazon UK 


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