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Friday, September 6, 2013

Guest Post by Sascha Illyvich: Writing Kink

Hello, Fellow Writers!

As many of you know, most of my published books are kinky erotic romances, like the bestselling Enslaved Trilogy. I keep this blog rated PG so that the advice can work for authors of any genre, and the guest blog below by erotic romance author Sascha Illyvich isn’t graphic or anything. But it is helpful in that she talks about researching props that play a major role in her book.

So if you’re writing a cowboy romance and you have a chance to ride a horse to see what it’s like, smell the barn, touch the hay, etc, go for it! And if you’re writing kink... well, see what Sascha has to say ;)

Writing Kink

by  Sascha Illyvich

I recently read a blog post that talked about writing a novel in an entire three day span because the author had set himself up with heavy plotting and image finding so all he'd need to do was sit and write.

Used a formula too, like most great writers.  The voice is the important thing, not the formula of course.  This got me thinking about the set up in my office.  True, I have only a laptop desk, and chair but I also have my whips hanging off the wall beside my desk.   By that is a necklace my former PA made me that's her version of the Triple Goddess symbol.  These reminders are because I write kink and I tend to write a lot of paranormal romance, two genres I sometimes blend because I can!

Having reminders allows me to stay focused when I'd rather sit on youtube and watch music videos or howto stuff all day LOL! 

The fun thing for me is that the toys (whips, floggers, various paddles) all have memories associated with different stories, different events in my life and even share some secrets.  But they're also tax write offs, woohoo!  You know, all that research just for a scene in a story.

Can't have a whip bottom unhappily reading my books, now can we?

Learning the skill for a toy, even if you're not kinky is important because it allows you the writer, some experience, feelings, emotions, based on the education you're getting about said toy.  This plays well into your stories where kink is a heavy hand in the plot, due to resistance, fear, or whatever device you use to keep your characters engaged while maintaining conflict.

In the end, it makes you a versatile writer and allows you to drag your readers deeper into the stories you write.

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