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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do You Need an Author Photo?

Hello Fellow Writers!

Today I decided it's time to bite the bullet and pay for a professional author photo. I've got a snapshot I've been using, and I realized recently that it's all over the web - and the pic isn't even that great. So I may as well have a photo out there that looks good. Right?

Fortunately my kid sister is an actress and knows some good headshot photographers, and I live near NYC, so I'll have no problem getting them done. Now I just have to find the time! And then... perhaps my author photo will go at the end of my books in the "about the author" section :) I'll also need it for my Facebook and Twitter avatar, etc.

I'll post it here when I get it done.

Do you have a professional author photo? Do you want one?

1 comment:

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