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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Woot! Hollywood Spank blurb and excerpt are up!

Hello Fellow Writers!

My third Ellora's Cave book Hollywood Spank is releasing March 9th, and I went onto the EC site today to find.... my book! on the Coming Soon page! Squeeeee.......

I don't want to put the excerpt here because it's really for adults only, so if you're interested please click here to read it!

On another note, DH and I went to see our accountant today, and learned all sorts of fun things about being a small business as an author, and what sorts of things I can write off. Even if you're not making money yet, if you're pursuing it as a money-making career you may be able to write off certain things, so be sure to ask your CPA about that!


  1. Congrats on your upcoming release!!!

  2. Loved the excerpt! Congrats on your new book!

    About the taxes, I had heard that, too. I'm saving all my receipts just in case. :-)

  3. Thanks Taryn! Save those receipts, you never know!

  4. Good news swells. Love telling the accountant about all the things I can deduct. The conferences are the biggest ones.

  5. Oh yeah, absolutely - this year I'm going to RWA National in NYC and will have the cost of the conference plus the hotel room to deduct, and I'm going to Romanticon again too! Can't wait!

  6. Well, since you've already thanked me...


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