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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hudson Valley Romance Writers of America

Hello Fellow Writers!

Yesterday I wrote just 500 words since my son wouldn't let me sit down to write until almost 10pm! I've been wondering if I should try making my short Regency romance targeted towards Ellora's Cave instead of Harlequin Historical Undone. Ellora's Cave e-publishes erotic romance, so I would be writing a very different story than what I would be writing for Undone!

Tomorrow I will be having my first day of work at my new job, but afterward I intend to blog a bit more about erotic romance and specifically Ellora's Cave.

Today I went to the monthly meeting of the Hudson Valley Romance Writers of America. It was so wonderful to meet and listen to all of the women there, many of whom are published authors. Multiple published author Janet Lane Walters was very informative and friendly. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Janet from the Hudson Valley RWA site. Read the whole article here.

Are you a plotter or pantster?

Would you believe a bit of both? I do plan my stories but the outline is broad and allows for changes in what I’m writing. As I begin the rough draft much changes and veers from the original plan. Two things remain constant, the beginning and the end. The middle is where I allow my imagination free reign. Take the story I’m working on now. During the rough draft, two of the characters changed places. The reason behind the change came while I was writing the chapter when one of the characters emerged for the first time. Suddenly the light bulb flashed and I knew the secondary character who was the hero’s sister should become his brother and the character I had thought would be the heir became the daughter. The change strengthened the story. So outlines have a purpose but so does flying free.
Tonight I'm going to think more about trying my hand at writing a short erotic romance. While I'm pretty sure I can write it, I'm having a hard time imagining myself being able to read it aloud to my writing group! *blushes*

Wish me luck, and good luck to you too!
Yours Truly,
Shoshanna Evers


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